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SC Screw type fast connector K05

  • Description of the product


  • The fast connector (on-site assembly connector or on-site terminated fiber optic connector, fast assembling fiber optic connector) is a revolutionary field installable fiber optic connector that does not require epoxy or polishing. The unique design of the unique mechanical connector body includes factory-installed fiber optic heads and pre-polished ceramic ferrules. The use of such on-site assembled optical connectors can increase the flexibility of optical wiring design and reduce the time required for optical fiber termination. The quick connector series is already a popular solution for fiber optic cable wiring inside local area network and CCTV applications, as well as FTTH buildings and floors. It has good oxidation resistance and long-term stability.        Different types of products can be customized according to customer requirements.



  • ●Low insertion loss and high return loss;
    ●Reliable optical performance;
    ●Convenient on-site installation;
    ●Quick installation and easy operation
    ●Low cost.



  • ItemParameters
    Suitable for fiber optic cable range3.0    x 2.0 mm and 1.6*2.0mm flat cable
    Coating diameter250μm
    ModeSingle    mode
    operation hoursApproximately    15 seconds (excluding fiber presets)
    Insertion loss≤    0.3dB(1310nm & 1550nm)
    Return loss≤    -50dB for UPC, ≤ 55dB for APC
    Exclude fiber presets>98%
    Repeat assembly times>5    times
    Bare fiber fastening force>5    N
    Tensile strength>30    N
    Temperature-40    ~ +85 C
    Online tensile test t (20 N)IL    ≤ 0.3dB
    Mechanical durability (500 times)IL    ≤ 0.3dB
    Drop testIL    ≤ 0.3dB

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